We are packaging experts

Packaging food products is a skill of its own. We pack your products efficiently and professionally. Our inspiration and several years of experience in food product packaging are available to our customers. Is your product packaging away from being ready? We provide a solution.

A full-service partner

We are Finland’s leading contract packaging service companies, and we have long-term experience and extensive expertise in Finland’s food industry. We focus on packaging dry food products.

We further process and package the products on your behalf into ready-made packaging and further into sales batches. We always tailor a packaging service suitable for your needs, and we serve through all stages of production until the end of the packaging process. We also consider any special requirements for products or production where possible.

Products and services

We serve our customers from mixing raw ingredients to packaging products. Products are always customised to meet customer needs, and they are usually delivered to customers on a turnkey basis.

Our packaging service enables the packaging of various food products weighing between 0.2 grams to 1,000 kilograms. We can also offer storage services for ready-made and semi-finished products thanks to our modern storage. The packaging material and package can be designed together with the customer based on the customer’s template or idea.

Certified production

Our certified system is proof of a proactive approach towards quality management, food safety and other legal regulations, and standard requirements. In this way, the safety and quality of products to be produced are managed at all stages of operation.